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Includes 102 videos & 7+ hours of content

There is an incredible opportunity now when it comes to starting and growing an Amazon FBA Business. This hands free business model gives you the opportunity to generate passive income while operating your business remotely from anywhere in the world. This Amazon FBA Masterclass has been built from the ground up to guide you from no-experience to picking a product, launching it on Amazon, and making it go viral. We guide you through every single step of the process in easy-to-follow-along videos that encourage you to take action.

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Masterclass Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Download Course Resources

    • Quick Overview of the Perfect Product System

    • Course Design And Resources

    • Amazon FBA Monthly Earnings - Erik Rogne

    • Meet Your Instructors

    • Setting Expectations

    • Key Concepts (Learn What Private Labeling Is And More)

    • Steps To Complete Before We Start

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Pass The 5X Rule

    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Have A Low MOQ

    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Are Not Patented

    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Have A High RPR

    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Pass The Keyword Test

    • Action: Find Out If We Can Create A Listing That Would Beat Our Competitors

    • Action: Find Out If Our Products Are Trending

    • Action: Determine If We Can Brand And Add Bonuses To Our Products

    • Action: Calculate The Advanced Criteria Score For Each Product

    • Action: Use Our Product Comparison Sheet To Make Our Final Product Decision

  5. 5
    • Action: Find 5 Potential Suppliers On Alibaba

    • Action: Send A Message To 5 Suppliers

    • Action: Evaluate Supplier Offers

    • Action: Create Counter Offers

    • Action: Run Suppliers Through The Supplier Scoring Rubric

    • Action: Decide On 2-3 Suppliers To Import A Sample From

  6. 6
    • Action: Calculate Profit Margin Estimate

    • Action: Research Competition For Our Product

    • Action: Find Possible Product Improvements

  7. 7
    • Review Of What You Did In This Course

  8. 8
    • Welcome to Part 2!

    • Course Design & Class Materials

    • Why Speed Is Critical to Your Success On Amazon

    • How to Communicate & Build a Relationship With Your Supplier

    • Module Review

  9. 9
    • Module Introduction

    • Why You Must Get Product Samples

    • Why You Need to Establish a Relationship With Your Supplier

    • The Importance of Product Quality & Negotiating

    • Action: Place an Order for 2-3 Product Samples

    • Module Review

  10. 10
    • Module Introduction

    • Action: Evaluate Your Samples Using Our General Criteria

    • Action: Create Your Own Sample Evaluation Criteria

    • Action: Take Product Pictures

    • Action: Use the Quality of Your Product Sample to Negotiate

  11. 11
    • Module Introduction

    • Action: Create an Amazon Seller Account

    • Action: Choose Your Product Category to List In

    • Action: Buy a UPC Code (Barcode)

    • Action: Create Your Barebones Product Listing

    • Module Review

  12. 12
    • Module Introduction

    • Erik's Experience With U.S. Customs

    • Action: Complete Supplier Checklist

    • Action: Pay Your Supplier

    • Action: Select a Single FBA Warehouse

    • Action: Prepare to Send Your Amazon FBA Inventory

    • Action: Send Your Supplier Amazon Shipping Labels & FNSKU Barcodes

    • Module Review

  13. 13
    • Module Introduction

    • Action: Add Vital Product Information

    • Action: Add Product Variations (Optional)

    • Action: Update Product Offer

    • Action: Add In Compliance Information (Optional)

    • Action: Upload Product Images

    • Action: Update Product Description

    • Action: Add In Product Keywords

    • Action: Fill Out 'More Details' For Your Product

    • Module Conclusion

  14. 14
    • Module Introduction

    • How to Contact Amazon Seller Support

    • Action: Upgrade Your Amazon Seller Account

    • Review Of What You Did In This Course

    • Module Review

  15. 15
    • Quick Overview of Part 3 Structure

    • Viral Launch Fundamentals

    • Understand Amazon Seller Central

    • Search For Product Keywords For Future Optimization

  16. 16
    • Action: Create a Coupon For Your Product

    • Action: Share Product On 3+ FB Groups

    • Action: List Product On Jumpsend

    • Action: Setup JumpSend Email Campaign

  17. 17
    • Introduction to Amazon PPC

    • Campaigns, Adgroups, & Keywords Overview

    • Amazon PPC Key Metrics & Terminology

    • What the Bid Price Does

    • Ideal ACoS Calculator

    • Action: Export Keyword Report & Put in Google Sheets

    • Action: Add in Negative Keywords

  18. 18
    • Action: Set Your Listing Autoresponder Up For Maximum Reviews

    • Next Steps On Where to Go From Here

  19. 19
    • 6 Expert Strategies To Find a Profitable Amazon FBA Product (+ LIVE Example)

    • Amazon Product Research with AMZScout Niche Idea Finder

    • Amazon Product Research with AMZScout Product Database

Meet Your Instructors

Erik Rogne

Amazon FBA Expert

Erik is an entrepreneur with years of experience creating physical products and brands. Erik decided to jump into the Amazon FBA world in the early years when it was just getting started. After months of trial-and-error and overcoming periods of personal doubt, it paid off. Big time. He has sourced hundreds of products from all over the world, and created brands that turned into thousands of dollars. Today, his Amazon FBA business generates $100,000+ in revenue each year and takes him less than 2 hours-per-week to maintain.

Eric John Campbell

Elearning Expert

Eric Campbell has taught over 100,000 students in his renowned online courses. His extraordinary level of accomplishment in online teaching over the past 7 years has led him to head up ImportPanda’s outstanding e-learning program. With his foundational belief in learning from practical experience and his fascinating background in entrepreneurship, e-commerce and supply chain management, Eric brings a diverse range of highly sought-after expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do beginners sell on Amazon?

    The first thing that beginners need to do is determine their budget and find their niche. Once you do this, you'll be able to do market research and identify product suppliers. Everything after this is easy! Place and order, register for an Amazon Seller Account and create a product listing. Anyone can sell on Amazon with the right amount of dedication.

  • How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

    To start selling on Amazon, you have first to determine your budget. You can start with a budget as low as $300 and go all the way up to thousands of dollars. A sweet spot is setting a budget of $1000-2000, which gives you room to customize your product and get sufficient quantity.

  • Is it better to sell on eBay or Amazon?

    Having sold on both eBay and Amazon, I find that Amazon gives a better quality of life and more orders, but eBay gives higher profit margins. Amazon is the way to go if you want to grow your business scalable and sell tens of thousands of dollars of product per month with little infrastructure to worry about.

  • Can you sell for free on Amazon?

    Yes! You can sell for free on Amazon by selecting the individual account rather than a professional seller account. If you sell less than 40 products per month, it makes sense to go, Professional; otherwise, I would stick with the individual plan.

  • How do I find products to sell on Amazon?

    To find products to sell on Amazon, I suggest starting by looking at online stores and in-person stores for niche items. Specific items will enable you to do well on Amazon.

  • What can I buy cheap and sell high?

    If you want to buy cheap products and sell them for a profit, you should be buying in bulk from manufacturers. Manufacturers can give you the best deal since they are the source. I recommend sourcing products from China and selling in markets such as the US that have a large arbitrage opportunity between cost.

  • Can I get a refund after enrolling?

    Yes. You can receive a full refund up to 60 days after you purchase this Amazon FBA Masterclass, no reason necessary. Send us an email at support@importpanda.com to let us know you want a refund and we'll start the process immediately. Please note it takes a couple of business days for refunds to process through our payment provider.

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